Aura Cleansing

Spells - Cleansing your aura

About this Spell  

Aura is the visible light that surrounds us. Many of us can notice their aura. Aura is generally a smooth shaped mass around our bodies. Each person may have different type of aura depending on mental health, condition, attitude and whether the person is good or evil. Sometimes even mood changes can change the aura.

Aura is most of the times a representation of that is going on inside us. For a healthy and optimistic person, aura is generally smooth with no visible signs of disturbance; it is free flowing and remains around the person almost making the person glow. If a person is angry or confused the aura will be less free flowing. There will be rigidity and there would not be any glow in the aura.

In people who are outright evil, the aura instead of being a sunshine color, it tends to be dark and taut. The aura makes them look all the more scary than they really are. The aura leaves a person only at death and not before. Whenever people are in turmoil, there is a possibility that the aura can become distorted; with frequent emotional upheavals aura too tends to change. aura cleansing

A person with a healthy aura always seems more attractive; people are attracted to such people faster. When aura becomes distorted, it shows on the persona of the person, making him look as if he is lacking in something. At these times the person will not look as attractive. This will take a toll on a person’s social image.

Aura cleansing is a process whereby the distorted aura is set back to the person’s mental makeup, so that the aura exhibits exactly whatever is going on inside a person’s mind. The distorted aura can be cleansed through usage of a spell.

The spell generally involves relaxing of the person and then chanting the spell that is prescribed by the psychic; sometimes the psychic may chant the spell and make you repeat. Aura cleansing will help you regain your former healthy aura if you are in a healthy and happy mindset. This way you can gain your attractiveness and people will be attracted to you once more.

Aura cleansing can be done only by the person for himself; aura cleansing cannot be done for someone else. If you want your aura to be cleansed you should be present there in person.