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Spells - Recall your dream

About this Spell  

Dream Recall

Dreams are wonderful for some, they almost fulfill those hidden wishes and give you experiences that you longed for or always dreaded. We have, throughout human history, tried to discover what dreams were all about. There have been several serious studies about dreams and these studies have created several theories about dreams and what each one stands for.

Sometimes we dream of a particular thing, when we wake up we often try to recollect the dream we saw, but in most cases we thoroughly identified with the dream at that time, we simply could not remember it.

There are people who dream past events, sometimes, the dear departed may use dreams as the way to communicate their heartfelt desires to you and at other times people do see the next event in their dreams. Imagine if you saw something important and you simply cannot remember it today. You would want something that can help you with remembering your dream or something that can make you see the dream again. Though it seems far fetched, the psychic world does have spells that can help you with remembering a dream.dream

This spell is called “dream recall”. The spell is designed for you to remember or re-visit the dream you just saw. With this spell, if you are a person seeking some answers to your past or certain events of your past (or present and future) and you feel you have the answer in your dream, you can take this spell and you can see your dream again, this time more consciously so that you can remember what you really saw in this dream and get the answers you are seeking.

Some people dream about things they have stored in their subconscious and therefore cannot remember it when they are awake. Such people may find their answers through their dreams. Not all have a problem remembering the dreams, some may be able to recollect everything they saw or at least the main things they dreamt of.

‘Dream Recall’ is very much a reversible spell, once you get the answers for your past questions; you will find you can reverse the spell, and quite comfortably so that you do not have to view the same dreams again and again. You can also use this spell for someone else, who needs help and does not know a way out! You could help the person sort many problems with the spell.

Payment: How to order this Spell?

Select Spell Type > Complete Payment > Complete the Spell Form > Complete > Response from Psychic

Payment through Paypal

Standard PsychicNetwork Spell:(£25) This specific Spell will be performedOfficial PayPal Seal andcasted by one of our Psychics. The Psychic will contact you within 48 hrs. Most spells takebetween four to seven days to be completed (after casting).

Expedited/Expanded Casting:(£59) The specific spell will be casted by our psychics within 12 to 24 hrs after your payment. The psychic will contact you within 24 hrs to let you know the details. The spells will be casted in this way that they will be effective between 24 to 36 hrs(instead of the four to seven days for regular spells)


What happens after I complete the Payment? * After the payment and submitting your information in our form, your information will then be sent to the psychic. You will receive a response from a psychic within 24 - 48 hours depending on if the spell was ordered as standard or expedited type (from the time your questions were received).Your psychic will notify you when the spell is finished and you will be provided with a short update on your matter.

Please note that payment by e-checks is possible, however Psychic Network will process the Spell once the check has cleared.


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