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Have your questions answered by our qualified psychics! Each of our psychics has the experience and expertise to provide you with the answers, tips and guidance you need to help you in your life journey. Whether your questions are about love, dating, career, money, spirit or past life, we can help you find the answers you are looking for!
Our E-mail Psychic Reading Service is private, convenient and professional. You will receive a detailed reading (based on the reading type you order) from a psychic you choose and the information exchanged between you will remain private. Find our what 2008 will hold for you. Will you change job become a rich person or will you finally find your soul mate or will a lost friend become a close friend again? Find out, receive a psychic reading!

The Psychic Readings we offer are:

Payment: How to order this Reading?

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1 Question reading £16 - You can ask the psychic one question and will receive a 250-350 word answer in return. This type of reading is if you are only curious about one specific topic. The psychic will respond to you specificly on your question.

3 Question Reading £35 - You can ask the psychic three questions that you wish to ask and will receive a 550-650 answer in return. This type of Reading will provide you with information covering a wider range and will result in a more detailed reading from the psychic.

5 Question Reading £49- You can ask the psychic up to five questions and you will receive an 800-950 word answer in return. With this type of reading the Psychic will be able to give you a detailed report on your questions and will provide you with an accurate reading. The Psychic will give response on the questions raised and if possible more information on general findings while doing your reading.


What happens after I complete the Payment? * After the payment and submitting your information in our form, your information will then be sent to the psychic. You will receive a response from a psychic within 24 - 48 hours depending on if the spell was ordered as standard or expedited type (from the time your questions were received).Your psychic will notify you when the spell is finished and you will be provided with a short update on your matter.

Please note that payment by e-checks is possible, however Psychic Network will process the Reading once the check has cleared.